Lou Bardel's Literary Pub Crawl of New Orleans

Lijun Lei's debut collection of poetry occurs on the road in the southern half of the United States, as she travels with an exciting and mysterious lover. Her emotions take on a spiritual pitch. Her images leave you breathless. 

Her poetry is so nice that published Lijun Lei twice. In this collection of lyrical poems and whimsical drawings, the poet weaves a fantasy world of beautiful women in daring and sometimes challenging situations. What prevails is a sense of urgency and sweetness. 


Gustave Bardel sailed out of a Brooklyn dock, on the steamship S.S. Patria, headed for Africa and Europe. Over a three month period he would visit over thirty cities and towns. Gustave, who had a traveling bug from a very young age, was only 23 at the time of the trip but he kept a travelogue and took many pictures to record what he had seen. Today, Gustave's travelogue is a piece of history that documents the ambiance of a bygone era.

Poet and gangster of love, Rudy Holmes roams the street looking to hang out with tempting women. With a backdrop of tropical Los Angeles, this transgressive screenplay is poetry, theater, and madcap adventure.

Cheney desires a position in upper management, but does he realize what it takes to play with the big boys of China's powerful state-run corporations? Like Icarus he dares to fly close to the sun, but he soon finds that his whole world is on fire and his life will never be the same.

In 1995, the young poet Louis Bardel stepped into the office of his hero Allen Ginsberg. What ensued was a ninety-minute long interview that covered drugs, economics, crime, communism, poetry, Buddhism, Cuba, and so much more. 

Poet Wil Wynn's collection of poems embodies a deep sense of fun. High energy and rhythmic, the poems carry a superior range, as they alternate between balls-out carpe diem and nostalgia, peppered by wrenching sadness.


Road poetry. Word images and flights of fancy inspired by Lou Bardel's crisscrossing of the United States.